- As the amount of scientific data for the global warming is increases, there is wide spread common sense among the
    global citizens that global efforts are required to handle the problem. Under the supervision of UN, in 1992m the
    environmental summit held in Rio De Janeiro, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Changes (UNFCCC)
 was adopted and became effective in March, 1994.
- Korea is the 47 member to join this in December 1993. Until December 2009, 192 countries joined.
  - Since most of greenhouse gases are generated due to the energy use, energy saving and efficiency improvement are
    the most fundamental plans to suppress the climate changes.
  - Regarding this matter, most of advanced countries are working on the framework of policies based on energy saving
    and efficiency improvement to prevent the climate change. They have established the aggressive plans for pursuing the
    use of low carbon fuels and lED lightings as well as recycling energies(wind power, solar energies).
  - Mandatory installation of high efficiency energy materials and equipments in a public building.
  - Provides operational funds, loans and facilities to LED makers.
  - Provides incentives for LED lighting installation with lower power consumption.
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Traffic lights Certificates, self governing 
organization supplies
Guidance lamp Certificate Test distribution/incentives provided    

Halogen/incandescent lamp

  Certificate Test distribution / Incentives    
Fluorescent/security lamp/
sensor lamp/converter
    Certificate Test distribution Incentives

Street lights

      Certificate Test distribution