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2013 01

Accreditation for LED Street  Light (150W) and LED Safety Light(70W) by KS

12 Awarded “ U$ 3million Export Tower Prize on the 50th Annual Trade Day”
2012 09 Accreditation of High efficiency with recessed luminaires and fixed by Korea Energy management Corp
10 CE and FCC Certification for Portable Light

Supply Portable Light to Mikasa exclusively  

2011 02 Accreditation for LED Down Light with 10W~30W by KS
04 Accreditation of High efficiency with LED Down Light 6 inch / 8 inch by Korea Energy management Corp.
07 Contract with Mikasa Japan to supply the Portable Light
2010 09 Appointed as “ the Prospect small and medium-sized business by GyeongGi-Do“
11 Awarded “ U$ 1 million Export Tower Prize on the 43th Annual Trade Day”
2009 09 Acquired KS Q ISO 9001:2009 / ISO 9001:2008
10 Management Innovation Business(Main-Biz) appointment acquired KC Certification
12 Explosion Proof Type LED Lighting(File No. 10-2009128144)
Application of design registration for LED Tube Lighting and others (5Items)
2008 01 Application of patent - Safety Lights and fittings for pedestrians crosswalk(File No. 10-2008-5195)
04 Design registration completed - Head-piece of Street Light (Reg. No. 30-0488807)
06 Admitted for the Company's ancillary research center
08 Nominated for the Industrial  Family Enterprise
1997 11 Established GenTech Co. Ltd