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Apart from energy saving, the ENVILITE series has achieved the ultimate goals of LED lighting - semi permanent life and

economical reasonableness by applying the environment friendly materials and making efforts for the best quality and reliability.

In addition, our optical and heat conduction technologies which were developed and applied on our own are now recognized

as the world's best in term of reliability. The ENVLITE series is born out of combinations of electric/electronic circuit design

technologies and optical technologies with advanced material technologies. It is the most trustworthy LED lighting device.


LED Lighting development
We will improve the quality of our lives and create new culture by aiming at values beyond lighting devices.

GENTECH is endeavoring on innovative and convenient lighting product development and working

hard to become the world's best company.

LED outdoor lighting is our main business and especially we are developing LED lighting devices suitable for road lightings
and industrial lightings in order to conquer the new market. We are emphasizing rewarding our customers with the best
products and technologies. From now on, we will achieve the world's best technologies through endless investments and
R&D efforts on core technology development in order to create better and brighter tomorrow. GENTECH is improving the
quality of lives by achieving the values beyond lighting devices and create new culture so that everyone in
the world can enjoy rich and luxurious life.