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Being able to deliver high performance/quality semiconductors fast and economically is the
most critical element for determining competitiveness.
In the 21st century with drastic digitalization centered on IT and internet, the importance of
semiconductor is even more emphasized. To say, the steam engine made the 20th century of
industrialization, then the digital community in the 21st century will be made by semiconductors.
Therefore, ability to deliver high performance/quality semiconductors fast and economically is one of
the most critical elements for determining competitiveness.
GENTECH will contribute to the global IT industrial development by procuring the semiconductors
with the best competitiveness and trusts.
Due to the digital convergence of electronic devices that has been evolving fast lately, and the
convergence of communication and IT, we are contributing to the IT industry development by
producing various types of semiconductors. From now on, we, as a global company leading the
future, will make the world better for your living.

As an IT research leader, we will fulfill the duties. We will do the utmost to achieve the new


The domestic semiconductor business was started off with assembly works for foreigners in 1960's.

As we entered the memory business in 1983, we began to develop rapidly. At present, we are ranked

the world's third largest semiconductor supplier.


The reason for such a success as a semiconductor supplier is because the government, the public,

the academics and the research centers have been working hard endlessly and joined together for



Since its establishment in 2008, the GENTECH research center has being using the useful information

obtained from engineering, marketing and sales and the market data which are related to competitive

foreign semiconductor technologies in order to pursue the advanced IT technologies and LED lighting


From now on, we will educate the most talented employees in the world and assure the advanced
technologies as an IT leader. We will make all the impossible dreams come true.
GENTECH is committed to developmant of innovative and convenient lighting devices and
we are doing the best to become the world's best company.
Our core business includes LED outdoor lightings, especially road lighting devices. By developing
the most optimal LED lighting devices in these fields, we will explore the market. We are focusing on
being able to deliver the best technology and products for our customers. From now on, through our
endless investments and R&D in core technologies, we will achieve the world's best technology and
create the brighter and more beautiful future. GENTECH is aiming the values beyond lighting products
themselves. We are committed to improving the quality of our lives and create the new culture where
everyone can enjoy rich lives.

GENTECH has the world's best expert groups who can derive the best outcome to maximize the

customer satisfaction.


GENTECH has the world's best strategy, operation, technology, and risk management. We provide

the specialized customer service for each industry where IT convergence can be done, so that the

customers can quickly respond to the market and trend changes and therefore achieve more

competitiveness than other companies.

R&D alliance, ECO energy, IP business, raw material, LED lightings, U health, and military. These
next generational business related to IT convergence are being developed and launched in the
market. We are incubator specialists to improve the business structure, the service system's
efficiency and execute the customer service as an expert group. We will derive the best outcome to
maximize the customer satisfactions.